I finally did what i have been wanting to do for such a long time. I launched my patreon!!! Yay. I’ve been wanting to find an additional income for my illustrations where i can paint what i love and share everything i discover and know with you guys. I also want to send gifts such as prints, postcards, notebooks and stickers to my supporters and i think this is pretty much the perfect way to do it.


If you don’t know Patreon is a platform which allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art. So you can basically pledge however much you want starting from 1$ and you receive exclusive content.

For more information check out this studio vlog where i talk more about the tiers i set up and the awards for my patrons.

But to have an overall idea of what i am giving as awards here are my current tiers

patreon tiers.jpg

I hope you guys find my Patreon interesting and if you do decide to become a patron I will be forever grateful and will do my best to give you guys loads of goodies and behind the scenes <3