Illustrator based in Romania. I make ILLUSTRATIONS and ART videos with the ASSISTANCE of my cat (MR. Flufla) in my small home studio.

I'VE ALWAYS LOVED DRAWING AND PAINTING. I studied Graphic design at the art and design university in cluj-napoca. bUT I STARTED considering illustration as a possible career WHILE STUDYING COMMUNICATION DESIGN IN MANCHESTER. I began with FASHION ILLUSTRATION and then gradually moved TO PORTRAITS, ANIMALs, BOTANICAL PAINTINGS AND PATTERN MAKING. I started my YOU TUBE channel in 2017 with the purpose of sharing what i have learned throughout the years and also experiment with new art supplies and techniques. Experiments have been at the core of my illustration but i always go back to WATERCOLOURS and ink. I like to mix different mediums in order to get new and exciting effects with my illustrations. I experiment with ink,glitter, metallic foil, collage, acrylics, iridescent mediums, metallic paints and lino cut.