1.How would you describe your style?

  • My style is all over the place really. I sometimes feel like painting something super realistic other times i like to paint in a more relaxed way, almost childlike. I think eclectic and very colorful are two terms that describe my style perfectly.

2. PC or Mac? Pencil and paper or tablet? Photoshop or Illustrator?

  • PC.  Pencil and Paper. Photoshop

3. What are your favorite art mediums?

  • I love painting with watercolors,gouache and ink. Any water based medium will work.

4. most used art supplies?

  • winsor and newton 45 halfpans
  • kuretake gansai tambi medium watercolor palette
  • daco gouache set
  • kuretake gem colors palette

5.Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • As cliche as it might sound i get inspiration from everything around me. I love plants and cats so i find it relaxing to paint them.I also like browsing through runway looks so i sometimes do fashion illustration. I like creating patterns and incorporating nature elements in them.I also think travelling and seeing new places is a great way to get inspired. The point is that you have to keep working and inspiration will come naturally.

6. what do you use to film your youtube videos?

  • I use the canon 700d with the kit lens. nothing too fancy. and your average tripod

7.Did you study art in school?

  • I studied art at university. I studied graphic design at the art and design university in cluj-napoca, romania and i also studied a semester of communication design in manchester,uk.

8. do you take personal COMMISSIONS?

  • yup. just send me an e-mail