I finally did what i have been wanting to do for such a long time. I launched my patreon!!! Yay. I’ve been wanting to find an additional income for my illustrations where i can paint what i love and share everything i discover and know with you guys. I also want to send gifts such as prints, postcards, notebooks and stickers to my supporters and i think this is pretty much the perfect way to do it.


If you don’t know Patreon is a platform which allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art. So you can basically pledge however much you want starting from 1$ and you receive exclusive content.

For more information check out this studio vlog where i talk more about the tiers i set up and the awards for my patrons.

But to have an overall idea of what i am giving as awards here are my current tiers

patreon tiers.jpg

I hope you guys find my Patreon interesting and if you do decide to become a patron I will be forever grateful and will do my best to give you guys loads of goodies and behind the scenes <3


In this video : Watch a full tour of my #Inktober2018 sketchbook. You will get to see the materials i used this year and 31 different cat breeds.

Art challenges have always been a fun way to experiment with my illustrations. But every time I decided to start one I would never get to finish it. This year I told myself i have to finish it so I prepared in advance. I got some new art supplies before the month of October so I would get excited about using them and also I made my own prompt list which I found really helped me stay motivated. I decided to paint 31 cat breeds because I knew this way I would paint something I love everyday and also build up my portfolio.


Before Inktober I was on vacation so I started my illustrations in advance because i knew i wouldn’t have time for the first few days of the month . This was really helpful in the sense that i was on track the whole month and did not skip a day because I always had something to post on social media.

The sketchbook I used is from Daco, a romanian brand and i think it was an excellent choice because it comes with three different types of paper in it. This way after completing ten drawings on white paper I could move on to kraft paper and later to black paper , which made the whole process much more interesting and also challenging.

The inks I used were from three different brands : Kuretake (white ink), Winsor and Newton (black ink) and Koh-I-Noor for all the colour accents. Also I cheated a bit because I used a Posca Marker for all the teal accents. But i really loved the colour pay-off and I said screw it this it my challenge and not yours.

Overall this year’s Inktober was a really good experience for me. It helped me be more relaxed about what I paint and not stress over the end result. It made me be more efficient with my time management ( I kept every drawing under 1 hour). It made me think of new ways to use ink because of the different types of paper I used. I am pretty sure i can draw the anatomy of any feline now.

My top 5 tips for getting through Inktober and actually enjoy the process are:

  • Plan in advance. Buy your art supplies in time. Think ahead of what prompts you will be using. Schedule your drawings if you know your time is limited

  • Chose something that will be fun for you to draw. If you feel the official prompt list is to abstract just find another one or make your own.

  • If you miss a day don’t give up . Make two drawings the next day or finish the challenge in November. Just set a goal for yourself and stick to it.

  • Keep it simple and small. Don’t try to do very elaborate pieces because you will end up screwing yourself over. Unless of course you have a lot of free time. But otherwise if you have a job or go to school and are just living life my advice is to not over complicate things.

  • Chose art supplies that will make you happy. If you want to do colour don’t shy away from it . If you love black and white go for it. Think about what you like in terms of materials and stock up.

Here are all 31 drawings . You can also check them out on my Instagram or watch the fip-through video.

I hope this post will help you with your next art challenge and will keep you motivated.


In this video: I am doing day 15 of Inktober and talking about the best white ink i have found on the market. I do a comparison between other white mediums such as gouache, acrylic and markers with the white ink from Kuretake. Oh and i paint a really cute Sphynx cat for day 15.


Materials: white ink from Kuretake, a teal Posca Marker and black ink from Winsor and Newton.

The 5 products for white highlights are listed below from best to worst :


1. White ink from Kuretake


2. Winsor and Newton White Gouache

(the one i am using in the video is from another brand which i could not find online)


3. Kuretake White Watercolor Pan


4.Maimeri White Acrylic


5. Posca White Marker